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Update:October 1, 2020

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The National Tresure of Chugu-ji Temple

*There is a possibility that this exhibition's schedule may be modified in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

the Statue of Pensive Bodhisattva, National Treaure, Asuka period, Chuguji

November 12 (Thu.), 2020 - January 12 (Tue.), 2021

The Chuguji Temple is situated in Ikaruga Town, Nara Prefecture, just east of Horyuji Temple. It is said that after the mother of Shotoku Taishi (Prince Shotoku), Empress Anahobe no Hashihito passed away, he turned his mother’s former residence into the current temple. The temple was restored by a nun named Shinnyo in the Kamakura period and later became an Amamonzeki, or imperial convent, for women from the imperial family in the Muromachi period. The temple is one of the three Amamonzeki imperial convents in Japan; it is known now as the oldest existing imperial convent and houses two valuable national treasures. One of these national treasures is the Statue of Pensive Bodhisattva that is considered to be one of the master pieces of Asuka period sculpture and a prominent example of Japanese Buddhist statue. This statue will be displayed for the first time in Tohoku Region in this exhibition to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the reconstruction efforts.

Additionally, the other piece of national treasure, the “Tenjukoku Mandala Shucho” will be introduced in the form of a replica. Other temple treasures preserved by the abbesses of the temple, such as the rare paper-made “Monju Bosatsu” Buddhist statue (Important Cultural Property) and sumptuous fusumae screen paintings which feature colorfully painted birds and flowers on gold gilding will also be on display.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the national treasure Statue of Pensive Bodhisattva and other exquisite temple treasures housed by the Chuguji Temple.

Hours : 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. * Ticket counter closes at 16:30

Closed : Monday (except November 23, January 11), November 24(Tue.), December 28 - January 4

Ticket : Adult 1,500 yen (1,300 yen), College Student 1,300 yen (1,100 yen), Elementary school, Junior high school, High school students 750 yen (600 yen)

* ( ) indicates Advance ticket and Group ticket prices apply to groups of 20 or more.

[Advance ticket sales period] from October 1 until November 11 (Wed.), 2020

You can buy the advance ticket at these places : Ticket Pia (P Code:685-403), Lawson Ticket (L Code: 21873),Seven-Eleven Ticket, E-plus, Fujisaki, Mitsukoshi Sendai, NISSENREN Customer Center (AER 9F), NISSENREN Terrace (SELVA), Kahoku-shimpo shops, tbc website

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Image of Works

“Monju Bosatsu” Buddhist statue
Important Cultural Property, Kamakura period, Chuguji
Photo:Nara National Museum(Photographer Kinji Morimura)

Birds and Flowers sliding-door paners 
Edo period, Chuguji
Photo:Nara National Museum(Photographer Kinji Morimura)